Looking to take your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills to the next level? Consider booking a
private session with our head instructor, Alex Molinaro, at our Lakeview Chicago school.
Private sessions with Alex offer a personalized and focused training experience that is
tailored to your individual goals and needs.

As a highly experienced and certified BJJ instructor, Alex has a deep understanding of
the art and a passion for teaching. He will work with you one-on-one to assess your
current skill level and identify areas where you can improve. From there, he will develop
a training plan that is customized to your needs and goals.

Private sessions with Alex are ideal for students of all levels, from beginners to
advanced. They offer an opportunity to receive personalized attention and feedback,
allowing you to improve your technique, strategy, and understanding of BJJ at a faster
rate than group classes.

In addition to improving your BJJ skills, private sessions with Alex can also help you to
build confidence, reduce stress, and increase your overall fitness level. Alex is a skilled
and patient instructor who will work with you at your own pace to ensure that you get the
most out of your training sessions.

If you’re looking to take your BJJ skills to the next level and achieve your goals faster,
consider booking a private session with Alex Molinaro. Contact us today to learn more
about our private session options and to schedule your first session.


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